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At Weight Loss For Life we provide a comprehensive physician supervised weight loss program, which includes:

  • Medication
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Fitness program


The true goal of any weight loss program, medical, commercial or otherwise, should be long-term weight loss maintenance. Remember that the goal of treatment for obesity, much like other diseases (such as diabetes and hypertension) is control not cure. We do not have the medical advances yet to "cure" obesity forever, but we can keep it under control just like we control diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis.


No one chooses to be overweight any more than they choose to have high blood pressure. At Weight Loss For Life we take the approach that being obese or even overweight is a genetic, chronic, progressive disorder that requires medical intervention and sustained control to maintain fitness and health for life. The research shows that there is not one study world-wide that has shown sustained weight loss 3-4 years out with diet and exercise alone. It just can't be done any more than you could will the color of your eyes to change.


Although diet and exercise protocols are very important for a successful program, the current use of medication under a doctor's supervision using both anorectic (appetite control) and serotonin modulators (craving control) are absolutely necessary for the vast majority of patients not only to lose weight, but more importantly to maintain their weight loss. There is no "cure" for obesity, there are only controls that are put in place to help curb overeating, but if you lift these controls, which include diet, exercise and medication you will most likely regain the weight back eventually. This is no different than if you stop your blood pressure medicine or your diabetes medicine once you have reached acceptible/normal levels.....your high blood pressure and diabetes returns.


We see our patients on a monthly basis. More frequent visits, if necessary, are at no additional charge. Our only goal is to help you lose unhealthy weight and keep off as much of it as possible for the rest of your life. Once goal weight is achieved, patients are seen every four to eight weeks for maintenance depending on the severity of their weight problem.

For additional information concerning our program, to make an appointment or speak personally with one of our medical specialists, please call 310-271-5875 in Beverly Hills, CA.