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Smart Lipo By Cynosure

Smart Lipo Laser Machine





The Smart Lipo LaserBodySculpting procedure provides patients with a less invasive technique than conventional liposuction methods. It is the only laser-assisted lipolysis system designed to destroy fat cells and coagulate tissue for tighter skin.


Smart Lipo is ideal for treating localized fat deposits on the face such as the neck and jawline and jowls. It is also used on the body for the abdomen, love handles,

hips, knees, and arms.


In addition, Smart Lipo can easily treat challenging areas such as regions of high vascularity and flaccidity.







Smart Lipo Three-Fold Results

Smart Lipo Laser Effects


The only laser-assisted lipolysis system

  • FDA Approved
  • Destroys Fat cells and melts the fat
  • Tightens the skin
  • Men and Women
  • No General Anesthesia
  • No Surgery!
  • Back to work in 24-48 hours

Smart Lipo Treatment In Los Angeles gives Big Results in The Small Places

The Smart Lipo laser-assisted lipolysis system is a highly efficacious solution for destroying and permanently eliminating fat cells:

  • A very small laser fiber is introduced through a small cannula itno the area to be treated. The laser then delivers energy directly to the subcutaneous fat cells – melting them away like a "hot knife to butter".
  • The emitted energy also coagulates tissue, thus inducing collagen retraction and tissue tightening.
  • The laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately—resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising than conventional liposuction, for faster healing and recovery. Most patients are back to work in 24 hours and back to exercise activity in 48 hours!
  • Given the cannula's small size and gentleness of the procedure, Smartlipo is a minimally invasive treatment that only requires local anesthesia — enhancing client safety and reducing the likelihood of side effects.
  • A confluent red diode laser provides a powerful visual guide during treatment so the doctor can actually visualize the areas being treated allowing for better accuracy.
  • Typically only one short treatment session is needed for fantastic results.


The Before and After photos really speak for themselves.


Pictures of Smart Lipo - Abs and Love Handles

Pictures of Smart Lipo - Neck and Jowls

Pictures of Smart Lipo - Hips

Pictures of Smart Lipo - Arms