Before And After Pictures of Spider Veins and Varicose Veins



These pictures are unretouched photographs taken with no special photography. They were taken with a Sony DS10 digital camera using just the built-in flash.




Man With Varicose Vein EVLT Before and After Photo

This was a gentleman who had large varicose veins that needed EVLT treatment of the

Greater Saphenous Vein. The second picture is 2 weeks after the initial treatment. As you

can see there are still a few remaining surface veins in the back of the calf which are easily

cleaned up using sclerotherapy now.

Female Patient with Varicose Veins Treated

Here is a lady that needed an initial treatment of EVLT to close the main source of leakage

at the Greater Saphenous Vein. She also had some sclerotherapy treatments performed to

close the skin varicose veins that were left. They were much smaller after EVLT, but not

completely gone. Now after EVLT and Sclerotherapy the results speak for themselves.

Female Patient with Varicose Veins after EVLT

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this lady patient from our Nashville office

is a perfect example. She was in her 60's and had severe varicose veins of both legs with

lots of swelling and pain. However, her duplex ultrasound did not show Greater Saphenous

Vein reflux so she was not recommended for the EVLT procedure.


She was treated just with ultrasound-guided compression sclerotherapy, injections followed

by compression hose for 1 week. The after picture is 4 months after treatment and as you

can see all bruising and staining have completely resolved and her legs look incredible! She

was very happy. She said that the pain in her legs had disappeared and her legs were

actually skinnier. She represents a perfect example of severe veins treated with injection

therapy alone.

Woman With Varicose Vein EVLT Before and After Photo

Another lady patient that had varicose veins on the back of her legs, but the source was the

Greater Saphenous Vein running along the inside of the leg. You can just barely make out

some bulging veins along the medial (inside) aspect of her lower ankle in the before picture.

After EVLT some compression sclerotherapy was also used to finish the rest of the job of

cleaning up the surface skin veins.

Female With Varicose Veins Treated With Sclerotherapy Femal With Varicose Vein Treated With Sclerotherapy Second View

This was another Nashville, TN patient. She was a lovely 24 year old lady who after one

child had developed painful varicose veins. We treated her with just compression

sclerotherapy. She immediately resumed her normal activities including taking care of her

child, going to work, and working out at the the gym. She had fantastic results. The slight

brown discoloration is "staining" caused by iron from her own blood depositing along the

dead vein. This resolved completely in a few months.

SPider Veins on Ankle

This patient had some simple spider veins at the ankle that were easily treated with a single

session of Sclerotherapy. Here we see the results 3 weeks after with no bruising or

discoloration. It looks as though the spider veins never existed.

Matting of Spider Veins

This patient had extensive spider veins in a typical pattern on the lateral thigh. She was

treated with 3 sessions of sclerotherapy. Of course other areas on her legs were treated as

well in each session. There is slight bruising noted in the after picture which will usually

completely fade in 1-2 weeks. She was very happy.