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Skin AnatomyAnatomy of a Wrinkle


The old saying goes, "Beauty is only skin deep". And how true that saying is. One of the most attractive features that you can have is healthy vibrant skin. We judge and are judged heavily by the texture and even tones of our skin. There are two major components that provide you with the look of youthful healthy skin: water and collagen (hyaluronic acid).


Gravity is Not a Major Part of Face Aging. According to researchers, fat loss, sun exposure and natural changes in the skin are the primary causes of face aging -- not gravity.

"People make assumptions about how the face ages because when they pull up on their facial skin, they look better," said Val Lambros, MD, American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) member and author of the study. "Actually the pull of gravity on facial tissues is not a significant component of facial aging. Instead, other factors, like the loss of facial fat and sun damage are more contributory in the complex process of aging."



Aging Due to Volume Loss


Aging Face ChangesLet's face it… nothing shows our age quite like our face. Aging, fat loss, and the sagging of skin and muscles eventually create noticeable changes in the area under the eyes, along the cheekbone, the neck, and down to the base of the jaw (jowls).


So what is aging? It's a combination of many factors that cause all of these changes to take place:


  • Collagen production slows (collagen contributes to skin's firmness)
  • Elastin production decreases (elastin contributes to skin's elasticity)
  • Fat cells begin to disappear (which can lead to sagging skin)
  • Your skin losing its ability to retain moisture so it's less elastic
  • Frown lines and "crow's feet" appearing due to small muscle contractions
  • Dead skin cells not being shed as quickly leads to uneven skin
  • Slightly less turnover of new skin cells




Types of Aging Wrinkles and How To Treat Them


The Aging Face from Volume LossThere are several different types of wrinkles and each one requires its own unique approach for trteatment and improvement. For facial contouring several areas can be addressed:



  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty
  • Jaw line
  • Chin augmentation

The deep lines along the side of the nose and mouth, called nasolabial folds, and the lines at the corners of the mouth and and chin, called marionette lines, are best treated with a fillers such as Radiesse or Artefill, or Juvederm.


The lost volume in the face at the temples, under the eyes, in the cheeks and cheekbones, or at the edge of the jawline (where you get jowls) are best treated with Sculptra.


One day you wake up and look in the mirror and you see that you look tired, droopy.... and where did those wrinkles come from? They were never there before!


Facial Rhytids are those fine to deep wrinkles that occur around the eyes and the cheeks that clearly age your look. They are very difficult to treat and the mainstay of treatment was a surgical face lift.


However, as part of our liquid or non-surgical face lift we can turn back the clock 10-20 years without any cuts, scars, risk of bleeding or major pain and downtime. The new Cortex laser has proven to be the state-of-the-art non-surgical treatment for aging skin.





CO2, Erbium/YAG ResurfacingToday you can have a non-surgical approach to shaping and contouring the face instead of surgery and face-lifts which just pull the skin back. The Liquid Face-Lift offers immediate and long-lasting results without surgery. And it is more natural because it replaces the volume loss which is what has led to the sagging skin in the first place.


A face-lift is like taking a raisin, cutting the skin and pulling it taut. Now you have a nice smooth, wrinkle free RAISIN. But it's still a RAISIN! With the liquid face-lift procedures, it's like taking a raisin and re-juicing it BACK INTO A GRAPE!


And no matter what procedure you're considering, any form of facial contouring is performed as a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure in a physician's office. It's all out-patient!


Results can be immediate and only require a few long-lasting treatments. The procedures are also cost-effective – saving you time and money. And while treatment results may vary, results typically last from 6 months to 5 years depending on the procedure you have done.


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